Aprils update

In between the cold and rain, we did finally manage to plough and cultivate the land. I have been attending Levenshulme Farmer’s Market every Saturday, and have been averaging delivering nine veg boxes weekly. Eating wise I have been selling more of the new Spring crops like cucumbers, radishes, spring onions, spinach etc more than sampling them as the demand has far exceeded supply.

This month I have direct sowed 114m beetroot, 57m of lettuce and 77m mange tout. I have also sown in pots 3800 leeks and 100 kale and 100 purple sprouting broccoli. And yes, I do feel a bit irritated when people ask me if I have an allotment….
I am dealing with aphids in the tunnel, and the couch grass battle rages on……

stall at Levy
This is the first Farmer’s Market of the year at Levenshulme.
Salad of my Winter Purslane leaves (though enhanced by tomatoes and cucumber not grown by me!)
Salad of my Winter Purslane leaves (though enhanced by tomatoes and cucumber not grown by me!)

It’s sad to say that this month has been so busy that preparing delicious meals from the veg has slipped down the agenda.

Channel 4 news did a good report on salad being picked by workers facing modern slavery conditions.

I went to see Severine from Greenhorns speak about Farmstart in America. This was really thought provoking. They have so much land there, and we are so pressed for land at our site. It also seemed a much more radical grassroots organisation. Some of there films are here: http://www.thegreenhorns.net/videos/

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