It’s going ahead

The new site in Strines is going ahead! After a long Winter of negotiating we are soil tresting cropthrilled that we are close to exchanging contracts to rent the site in Strines. We consider ourselves very lucky to have met landowners that get what we are trying to do. As it would have been so disappointing if all the business and experience we have built up over the last five years came to nothing.

Afterall, last year we grew (and sold!) 1700kg of organic veg.

Top 10 crops for yields
Beetroot 240kg
Leeks 182kg
Kale 113kg
Cucumbers 107kg
French beans 79kg
Tomatoes 69kg
Squash 50kg
Onions 41kg
Garlic 36kg
Salad 35kg

Top 10 crops for income
Salad £656
Kale £522
Beetroot £423
French beans £418
Leeks £387
Garlic £281
Purple sprouting broccoli £203
Broad beans £188
Shallots £153

I have spent the Winter trying to work out how we are going to afford all the new equipment and initial start-up costs to set up the new site. And I’m quite excited to say we are going to try and crowdfund for some of it. More details on this will follow soon.


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