We hit our crowdfund target

Yes, yes, yes, yes! We did it! With 5 days to spare! Wow! Thank you so much to everyone who has pledged and shared the campaign. It has been a real rollercoaster.

rabbit proof fence_crop
An unkempt but functional rabbit proof fence

Stretch target
We have set a stretch target of another £1k, which will cover the costs of a rabbit proof fence. We set the target at £7k, as it was an all-or-nothing crowdfunder, so it had to be achievable. But the original costing did not have a rabbit proof fence, and we now think we need one.

Rabbits are notorious diggers and bouncers, which is all very cute, but not when they are eating all your crops. The extra £1k would cover 1/2 acre of four feet high fencing, and the costs of hiring a mini digger and driver to bury a foot of the fence.

In 2015 I lost thousands of pounds worth of crops to rabbit damage. See this blog entry from back then. I would like to avoid that again in the future.

So, please pledge if you can on the crowdfunding site as there are lots of great prizes still available.

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