Rabbit fencing

Lindsay using the ‘monkey’ to whack in some of the posts.

We began one of the more physical tasks for the new market garden this week. Starting at 6am, we put 60 posts in for the new fence. This is 4 very large ones for the corners, and an extra one where the gate will be. 8 of the next size down, which will provide the tension points for the wiring. And then 48 smaller ones which will stop the netting falling over. There is an endemic rabbit problem at the site, so we are taking precautions.

Next week we are putting 128m of wire netting up, and we are trying a new method of putting it up. We are folding it down into an L-shape at the bottom, so the rabbits stand on it, and try to dig through the wire. This is our attempt to avoid having to dig it into the ground using a mini- digger. Highly experienced grower Iain Tolhurst from Tolhurst Organics advised us to try this way, so we will see if it works….

George takes 5 minutes as a neighbour and his tractor bucket helps us out for some of the posts.



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