Kickstarter Amy picking beans

31 January 2022 Real Food and Farming Conference 2022 is our Kickstarter apprentice Amy’s summing up of her conference highlights.

Chayo doing some seed sowing

16 May 2021 Chayo’s blog is our Kickstarter apprentice Chayo’s unique take on market gardening. Other apprenticeships are available.

26 April 2021 Dispensing some veg box wisdom looks at tips and knowledge for getting the best from your seasonal veggies.

23 January 2021 2020’s growing season (oh and Covid and Brexit!) looks at the demand for our veg boxes during the pandemic, and how the post-Brexit Agricultural Act is failing market gardeners, and failing communities who want climate-friendly and healthy food produced locally. With the numbers crunched on top 5 crops for income and top 5 for yield.

22 February 2020 Day 2 at the Oxford Real Food & Farming conference covers sessions Lindsay attended on Ben Hartman’s ‘Lean Farm,’ 10 years of Agro-ecology, using story to re-shape the food system, and linking sustainable and healthy diets to farming outputs (otherwise known as Apocalypse Cow!)

16 February 2020 Day 1 at the Oxford Real Food & Farming conference covers sessions Lindsay attended on climate justice, market gardening at Lauriston Farm, making your food enterprise more efficient, and Brexit.

Community lunch

30 January 2020 Our social value Our independent report about our community sessions is available to download, and the main findings are highlighted.

27 January 2020 Lindsay’s musings on starting a market garden A thought piece from Lindsay taken from the Social Value Report about the importance of the community sesssions for her.

1 September 2019 Nettle Stew Recipe inspiration whilst fixing the fence.


16 April 2019 Start of 2019 We start trading at Altrincham Market, we take on Maria, we build a lean-to, and we start running community growing sessions at the farm.

21 December 2018 What a season! We complete the main site building jobs, lay down the garlic, and are awarded a £10k grant for community sessions.

The tunnel is up!

22 October 2018 The tunnel We have finally begun constructing our large commercial polytunnel that we purchased with the funds from our wonderful crowdfund supporters. it has tested us.

21 September 2018 Bureaucratic wins We have been given the go-ahead by the planning department to build our large polytunnel and storage shed. We are issued our full organic licenses by the Soil Association.

5 July 2018 Rabbit fencing 60 posts in two very hot days, and information on a new technique or two.

george complressed

21 June 2018 We have started the set up An entry about the first practical task on the new site. And the administrative tasks continue.

contract crop

31 May 2018 We have signed our contract An entry about the building and administrative tasks involved as we begin to set up the new organic market garden.

21 May 2018 DEFRA consultations An entry about the current discussions regarding food and farming due to Brexit.

24 April 2018 Supporters page A long list of some of the wonderful people who made up our ‘crowd’ of 231. Also, images used during the campaign and notes on how it felt as we progressed.

23 April 2018 Strines falling through It has been difficult but we have decided not to go through with the site in Strines. We have found a new site in Cheshire.

steering group_crop

13 April 2018 Thank you crowdfund backers Big thank you to everyone and information on administering the 133 prizes.

2 April 2018 We hit our crowdfunding target We are absolutely thrilled to have hit our target, but are now aiming for a stretch target of another £1k to cover a rabbit proof fence.

3 February 2018 It’s going ahead We’re doing it! We’re close to renting the site in Strines, and increasing the amount of local veg grown. Post includes crop breakdown by yield and income.


5 December 2017 Potential site in Strines An exciting site closer to where we live is being looked at, and testing for suitability has begun.

2 November 2017 Last push for land An update on the search so far, and an appeal for any other suggestions or contacts to follow up.

27 October 2017 Big Issue article An article I wrote about my five years farming and the land search that was published in the Big Issue. The link to their site is here.

5 October 2017 Land search update An update on where the land search is, and some stats on our record breaking yields.

9 August 2017 Best season ever! Looking at yields so far in the mid-season stage. Gives you an idea what kind of yields you can expect from 1/2 acre, and what you need to be cropping to be anywhere near viable.

garlic header

26 June 2017 Summertime The maincrops are cropping, and there’s still some time in the season for some late sowings.

25 May 2017 Early crops Progress of early broad beans, rocket, kales, carrots, beetroot, tomatoes, squash and courgettes. Fingers crossed progress is looking good.


4 May 2017 The season begins Ploughing finally done, what have we been getting up to, so far this Spring. Lists crops in and jobs done.

17 April 2017 Winter jobs A look at the myriad of jobs for the market gardener over the Winter. Runs through the tax return, Soil Association records, analysing the year, planning for the year ahead and marketing. It could be useful for anyone considering starting their own venture.

The bay at Marsaxlokk

17 March 2017 Agriculture in Malta
What do burnt out market gardeners do in Winter? They go on holiday, and think about farming! This is an observational piece looking at Malta’s agriculture.

8 February 2017 Where did Autumn go?
This is a long piece of writing looking at how the maincrops did over the Summer. It gives a good idea how many crops we grow, and looks at the main crop families.

Rocket just before harvesting.

28 June 2016 Spring Review
This entry shows the crops that have started off well in Spring, and those that have failed in this spectacularly wet May.

27 May 2016 Visiting Libby Flintoff
A really useful and inspiring trip to see Libby Flintoff’s set up at Brook House Farm. Unicorn shoppers will be well acquainted with her amazing tomatoes.

30 March 2016 Spring Shoots
A short post showing the ploughing in action, and celebrating the wonderful Ramson.

andrea bemis
Andrea Bemis at Tumbleweed Farm.

19 February 2016 Reviewing the year
An essential Winter job is looking back and planning ahead. Though this entry actually focuses more on an informative visit to Sagar Lane Market Garden in Hebden Bridge, and Andrea Bemis’ inspiring and comforting blog ‘Dishing up the Dirt.’

19 February 2016 Winter is here
An update on growing so far, with a list of big jobs still to go. Contemplating losing two polytunnels this year. And so information on sales at the end of the year.

10 August 2015 August’s preamble


A list of jobs still to go, though the end is in sight, and info on what’s currently in the veg boxes.

10 August 2015 July’s not so belated post
Update on what has been growing and selling well. And musings on a microgreens project in London.

30 July 2015 June’s belated post
Progress in the garden, including knocking back the aphids. And learning some lessons about selling direct in the veg boxes.

The first tiny little tomato appears

May 2015 A cool damp May
Injury for me as I put my back out digging the couch grass, but gives me time to reflect on where crops are up to in the garden, and the veg box sales are improving. Write up on visiting organic veg box stalwart Alan Schofield at Growing with Grace too.

April 2015 Aprils update
Ploughing, sowing, and seedling update. As well as musings from attending the Greenhorns talk. They support burgeoning growers in America.

March 2015 Signs of Spring
Ambitious sowings in March. I no longer rush to sow any of these crops, as they are a guaranteed failure in our Northerly location.

February 2015 A long tough Winter
The perils of leaving the Soil Association records and the tax return to the last minute. Tempered by the joy of planning next year’s garden, and tentative thoughts about marketing.