We run community growing sessions out at the market garden. It is coming to the end of the growing season, so there will only be a few more sessions, before everything is done and we can hibernate and start planning for next year. It is still worth popping out if you can, and we are hoping to get the sessions funded again next year.

The final community session of the year is: Wednesday 25th September.

They run approximately 10-4pm.

We have funding from the National Lottery which covers lunches and travel costs. If you would like to come, please drop us an email and we will add you to the email list. The funding also covers waterproof clothing for people to borrow, so you don’t have to worry about what to wear.

There are lots of different tasks for all different levels of experience and ability, and we have lots of brew breaks and time spent leaning on the garden fork. We welcome everyone who’s interested in lending a hand at your local organic market garden.

Email or text/ ring Lindsay on 07875242608 if you have any questions. Or have a chat to us on the veg stall at Altrincham Market on Friday and Levenshulme Market on Saturday.