First warm days


In June, the days are warming up, and the new season crops are arriving in numbers. At thistime crops like brassicas (cabbage family) and leeks are going to seed, and roots which have stored over Winter are beginning to rot. It’s a time for the small new delicate delicious crops.

Reddy Lane crops in your veg box now include:
Broad beans (We grew 55kg in 2020, what will 2021 yield?)
Radish (new crop for us in 2021)
Salad turnips (having a go at this one in 2021 too)

And UK sourced crops that are at their best are:
Asparagus (from Cambridgeshire- see our asparagus page here)
Strawberries (from Whitethorn Farm- Herefordshire)
Little Gem lettuces (from the wonderful Ward & Thompson in Lancashire- going to give this one a try ourselves this year)
New potatoes (Other varieties like Charlotte from Jersey now, and some from Lancashire)

Interested in a veg box? See our veg box page