Herald of Spring

Spring begins for UK crops at the end of April to end of May. But we also enter the dreaded ‘hungry gap,’ where the weather is warming and we are feeling Spring-like, but the new season crops are not ready. This is definately the hardest time of the year to run a seasonal veg box scheme, as the new crops are available, but they are very pricey. The hungry gap ends with the arrival of the broad beans.

Reddy Lane crops in your veg box now include: broad bean crop
Salad (our top crop in terms of income, bringing in £1900 in 2020)
Rocket (crucial value for space crop worth £12 a metre and ready in 4/5 weeks)
Broad beans (which heralds the end of the ‘hungry gap)

Other crops at their best at this time which we buy in from other UK growers for the veg boxes are:
-Asparagus (from Cambridgeshireclick on the link to read more about this very special seasonal crop)
Jersey Royal potatoes (from Jersey!)
Purple sprouting broccoli (ours has finished to make way for other crops)
Rhubarb (from Yorkshire or Cambridgeshire- see our page about this here)