Wild garlic

me foraging

Finally we’ve reached the time of year where we realise that winter really isn’t going to last forever and our woodland floors start to become green again with the shoots of bluebells, accompanied by – if we’re lucky – the appetising scent of wild garlic. There’s only a small window in which the leaves are edible, as they soon become a little tough, but it’s worth getting out to pick some during this time if you can. Alternatively you can come and pick some up from us this weekend at Altrincham Market and Levenshulme Market.

Wild garlic salad:
Generous handful of wild garlic leaves, rinsed well.
2 x ripe tomatoes
1tbsp balsamic vinegar
1tspn soy sauce
1 tbsp olive oil
Pumpkin seeds, toasted

Place garlic leaves in a bowl, slice tomatoes and add balsamic vinegar, soy and olive oil and toss well sprinkle with pumpkin seeds and enjoy. Makes a perfect accompaniment to lasagne or other pasta dishes.

Alternatively, if you prefer it cooked, make pesto with it instead.

(Words by Katy Brown).