Wild garlic

me foragingThe first Spring crop that we sell at Reddy Lane is Wild Garlic (also called Ramsons). We forage for in an ancient woodland in Stockport in March and April. There are acres and acres of it down a fairly steep slope, which I feel is important as it is inaccessible to dogs. After all its not nice to eat foraged crops from where doggies have been doing their business.

What to do with them?
This is probably the question I get asked more than any other during these months.
Raw: it can be eaten raw in salads but is rather potent. I prefer to make a dressing or sauce by blending it with olive oil and salt & pepper. I keep this in the fridge and add it to sandwiches, potatoes and soup.
Lightly cooked: it goes really well with butter, cheese and eggs.
Easy option: dump it in lentil dahls at the end of cooking to add colour and some vegetation.
Challenging option:  it goes absolutely amazingly in a cheese pie if you are feeling up to knocking out some pastry. Though cheese pies are one of my favourites. Well, I am Northern!
Good luck experimenting with it while it lasts….