Summer is here! The garden is plentiful and there are so many crops to choose from in July and August.

Reddy Lane crops in your veg box now include: IMG_20200707_145619
Courgettes (we grew 217kg in 2020, what will 2021 yield?)
Carrots (we are having a go at this crop in 2021, having put it on the bench in 2020)
Beetroots (only managed 25kg and 124 bunches in 2020, down from 125kg and 85 bunches in 2019, what will 2021 bring?)
Radishes (new crop for us in 2021)
French beans (42kg in 2019 and 194kg in 2020, when we started growing these for Unicorn Grocery in Chorlton).

Other crops at their best at this time which we buy in from other UK growers for the veg boxes are:
Cherries (from Pardoe’s in Herefordshire- always a tricky one to transit but heavenly if gotten right).
Tomatoes (from The Tomato Stall in the Isle of Wight- we used to grow these, but have decided we cannot compete with The Tomato Stall, who are just too good).
Aubergines (from Haslem’s in Gloucestershire- again a tricky one organically, but amazing when got right).