Last years veg boxes from September-mid December contained: squash, apples, carrots, fennel, parsnips, kale, rocket, onions, Cavelo Nero, beetroot, red cabbage, Romanesco cauliflowers, broccoli, pak choi, shallots, garlic, tomatoes, leeks, parsley, mixed leaf salad, Patty pans, French beans, courgettes, mange tout, chard, potatoes, chillies, amaranth, cucumbers, mizuna, mushrooms, pears, radishes, red onions, celery, Radicchio, Savoy cabbages, sprouts, turnips, swede and Jerusalem artichokes.

There were a minimum of five, and up to nine crops in each box.

One of the more unusual crops we grow- Amaranth.

One plant you may know of in its grain form is Amaranth. But I’m certain you won’t have come across eating its leaves. I know it from living in Spain, where it grows wild, and is foraged. It is also eaten in the Carribean, where it is called Callaloo. I grow it beause I love the pink seed heads, which you can let form, whilst you are still harvesting the leaves. The leaves can be eaten like spinach, and work well wilted with butter, garlic, and salt. They are also good in curry, if you are making a Saag Aloo.