We minimise the use of single use plastic packaging

If you are concerned about the amount of plastic in your shopping, you could support a local independent trader that is trying to be single use plastic free.

On our stalls at Levenshulme and Altrincham Market, we use paper bags to wrap the veg. You are also welcome to bring your own bags or tupperwares to the stall.

But some leafy crops like salad and spinach need to be in plastic as the paper will take the moisture out of fresh crops and make them wilt in a matter of hours. So, we have just invested in some that are half & half, with the “plastic” being biodegradable.

In our veg box scheme, we use returnable blue veg crates, and as far as possible, this is the only packaging. We wrap the crates in blue plastic crate liners if no-one is in, and these bags are recyclable plastic, but if you leave them out with your blue crate we re-use them.

I was interviewed at Levenshulme Market by Sky News about our plastics policy, and the difficulties getting hold of biodegradable plastics. I am saying how difficult it has been to get hold of biodegradable plastic for what we need, but that we are trying, and are paying much higher costs for this. Up to 6-10x more than using throw away plastic.