What’s in this weeks veg boxes

If you are not already a customer, there are a couple of slots available, and more details are here.

Week beginning 11th October- everything UK

Lots of this to go around:
Salad 100g– (Reddy Lane)
Plum or vine tomatoes (Isle of Wight)
Kale or chard– (Reddy Lane)

Other crops in the boxes:
Leeks (Yorkshire)
Pak choi- (Reddy Lane or Lancashire)
Courgettes or beef tomatoes – (Reddy Lane)
Potatoes (Yorkshire)- 500g -1kg variety Allouette
Butternut squash (East Anglia), Onion squash (Reddy Lane) or Harlequin squash (Lincolnshire)
Carrots (Lancs with tops)
Herb pots (Reddy Lane)
Chillies (Lancashire)
Garlic– (Reddy Lane)- if you don’t have it seperately
Cauliflowers (Lancs)
Turnips (East Anglia)
Fennel (Lincs)

Fruit (three items out of the list):
Apples- (UK)
Clemantines- (Spain)
Grapefruit- (Spain)
Kiwis– (Spain)
Lemons– (Spain)
Bananas (Dominican Republic) Fairtrade where possible

As always, this is for information only, and can change on the day.

Everything is always organically certified 🙂

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