What’s in this weeks veg boxes

Week beginning 1st March– everything UK
Salad– 100g for medium boxes and 150g for large (grown at Reddy Lane)
Greens– either chard, kale, pak choi or broccoli (grown at Reddy Lane)
Alouette potatoes– 1kg medium or 1.5kg for large (Yorkshire)
Cauliflowers (Cornwall) or celeriac (Lancashire)
Mushrooms (Northern Ireland)
Carrots (Lancashire)
Jerusalem artichokes (Lancs)

Also, making up the boxes apples (unless you have seperate fruit), and onions and if you are very lucky some of Reddy Lane’s final bulbs of garlic.

Strawberries for everyone (Spain)
Apples (UK)
Bananas (Fairtrade- Dominican Republic)
If you have bananas as a seperate item, then you have pears from Spain in your fruit box.

Everything is always organically certified 🙂

This is for information only, and can change on the day.

Veg boxes in Spring 2020