About us

Our aims
To demonstrate that small scale organically certified market gardening can be economically, environmentally and socially sustainable.
We want to create opportunities for food sovereignty, climate friendly farming and wellbeing.
We believe that organic market gardening has an important role to play in mitigating climate change, and should form an integral part of future food planning by policy makers in the UK.

What we do
Reddy Lane Market Garden began growing and sourcing organic veg in 2012, and selling the produce locally. Since they began operating they have traded at 250 market days. In 2019, they grew and sold, over one tonne of organically certified veg to local communities. They also sold another 605 tonnes from other organic growers based in the UK. In 2018-19 they have delivered over 2200 organic and seasonal veg boxes with veg sourced from the UK only. See our veg box page for details of the scheme. There is information about why we believe in organic on the why buy organic page.

We had funding for 2019 to run community sessions at the farm in Cheshire for people to find out more about our approach. Read about the social impacts of the sessions here. We covered travel costs, lunches, waterproof outdoor clothing and equipment. The sessions ran March- September; and we hope to be able to run them in 2020 too. Email us to join the community growing email list for the 2020 season.

The People
IMG_0324Lindsay started Reddy Lane Market Garden in 2013, and is full-time. She is the Head Grower, and organises the market garden, community sessions, the market stalls and manages the veg box scheme. She has 12 years veg growing experience. This has includsed a two year full time course in Organic Horticulture on Ireland, working at two sustainble growing projects in Spain, and visiting countless farms and projects across England, Irleand and Spain. She is a member of Organic Growers Alliance and Landworkers Alliance. There’s some more musings about why she started Reddy Lane on this page too. 

George is retired, but has 25 years experience as a plumber. He spends one day a IMG_0051week growing veg at the community sessions, and during the growing season. His practical and experienced approach to a wide-range of building tasks has been utterly invaluable in building the new site.

On 22 January 2020 we became a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee called Reddy Lane Market Garden Ltd. 

We have two external directors, who help with the practicalities on the land, and steer the course as we try to achieve our aims.

Katy Brown is interested in sustainable food production and promoting plant based diets.
Duncan Scurfield is interested in practical building jobs, and ensuring the business is as sustainable as the land.