About us

Our aims
We want to increase the amount of organically certified veg grown and sold in Manchester, and create a beautiful garden where high yielding organic growing can occur, and people can learn about small scale growing.

What we do
Reddy Lane Market Garden put its new organically certified growing site into full production for 2019 season. We grow over 1 tonne of organic veg, and sold lots of other organic veg from the region too. There is information about why we believe in organic on the why buy organic page.

We had funding for 2019 to run community sessions at the farm in Cheshire for people to find out more about our approach. We covered travel costs, lunches, waterproof outdoor clothing and equipment. The sessions ran March- September; and we hope to be able to run them in 2020 too. Email us to join the community growing email list for the 2020 season.

The People
IMG_0324Lindsay started Reddy Lane Market Garden in 2013, and is full-time. She is the Head Grower, and organises the market garden, community sessions, the market stalls and manages the veg box scheme. She has 11 years veg growing experience, including a two year full time Organic Horticulture course in Ireland. She worked for various environmental organisations before settling on becoming an organic grower, including spending four formative years as the food writer at Ethical Consumer magazine.

George is retired, but has 25 years experience as a plumber. He spends one day a IMG_0051week growing veg at the community sessions, and during the growing season. His practical and experienced approach to a wide-range of building tasks has been utterly invaluable in building the new site.

We have a steering group of another two people, who help with the practicalities on the land, and steer the course as we transition into the type of social enterprise that wants to use their profits and assets for the public good. They are soon to become directors too.

Katy Brown is interested in sustainable food production and promoting plant based diets.
Duncan Scurfield is interested in practical building jobs, and ensuring the business is as sustainable as the land.