Honkai Star Rail: Mastering the Critter Cozy Corner Guide

Honkai Star Rail: Mastering the Critter Cozy Corner Guide

Hello there, explorers of the Honkai Star Rail! A special treat is in store for you if you are on a mission to improve your performance in the Critter Pick event that is part of the 1.6 update. In this update, which is specifically designed for you, Trailblazers, you will find a variety of exciting rewards and tasks. When you complete one of these tasks, you will be tasked with becoming the ultimate host for not one, not two, but a staggering nine creations during the same time period. Do you feel a little bit overwhelmed? Have no fear! We are here to help you find the ideal locations to make your Critters feel as though they are within their own home.

Accommodating 3 Creations: Honkai Star Rail, Cozy Corner Comfort

Let’s kick off your Critter hosting journey in Honkai Star Rail with a cozy corner near the Lifeform Oven in the Seclusion Zone area. Need to get there in a jiffy? Just tap on that oven marker on the map – easy peasy.

As you touch down, take in the sight of metal boxes and a trusty shelf waiting for your Critters. Give the spot a click, choose your top three favorite creations, and hit Confirm. Now, sit back and watch as your Critters snuggle in comfortably on top of the shelves and boxes. It’s like a Critter slumber party in your specially crafted cozy corner!

Accommodating 6 Creations: Honkai Star Rail, Table and Chair Hangout

Hold on tight; there’s more fun coming your way! To welcome the next trio of Critters, teleport once again to the Lifeform Oven. Scan the area for the perfect spot – a cool table and chair setup just a few inches away on the right side of the oven.

Ready to play host again? Click on the spot, pick any three creatures from your stash (remember, they should be the ones you’ve lovingly cared for in the Lifeform Oven), and hit Confirm. Ta-da! Now you’ve got six Critters chilling in the ultimate hangout zone on the SLOTBANGJAGO table and chairs.

Accommodating 9 Creations: Full-On Critter Fiesta

Here comes the grand finale – hosting all nine of your adorable creations in Honkai Star Rail. The trick is to use both spots. Head back to the cozy corner near the Lifeform Oven, and guess what? There’s still room on the table and chairs.

First, click on the cozy corner to bring in the first three Critters. Next, teleport to the Lifeform Oven, and yup, you got it – choose the next trio for the table and chairs. With both spots in action, you’ve officially thrown a Critter fiesta, and all nine creatures are having a blast!

Conclusion: Creature Comfort Champ

There you have it, Honkai Star Rail champs! With these perfectly chosen spots, you’re now the master of creature comfort. The Critter Pick event just got cozier, all thanks to your fantastic hosting skills. Keep exploring, keep caring for your Critters, and most importantly, keep enjoying the fantastic world of Honkai Star Rail!