We want to increase the amount of organically certified veg grown and sold in Greater Manchester, and create a beautiful garden where research into best practice techniques for organic growing can occur, and people can learn about small scale growing.

Reddy Lane Market Garden grows and sources organic, seasonal, fresh veg, as locally as possible. We are in the process of building a new market garden on a half acre site in Cheshire. We have just got planning permission for our 90 foot commercial polytunnel and storage shed. We have just had the garden and our stall and veg box scheme certified organic by the Soil Association, and our why buy organic explains why this is different to conventional agriculture.

To keep organic, fresh and seasonal affordable, we sell direct to customers at Levenshulme Market and via our veg box scheme. Follow our blog, social media links below or join our mailing list by emailing us to follow our exciting new growing venture.