BCA Achieves Impressive Results with the Sale of SR019 Bonds


The Impressive of BCA

When Bank Central Asia (BCA) recently sold SR019 sharia-compliant retail bonds, it did very well. The bank raised more than Rp6 trillion in just 20 days, which was more than its original goal of Rp5 trillion. This success shows that there is a lot of interest in BCA’s bonds and a good view of sharia-compliant investment options in Indonesia.

SR019 Retail Bonds Are Becoming More Popular

The three-year tenor was the most popular choice among buyers, according to Hera F. Haryn, EVP Corporate Communication and Social Responsibility at BCA. It received 70% of all orders. The SR019 five-year tenor got the last 30% of the orders. There was a lot of interest in the three-year term, with a total purchase value of Rp17.54 trillion, or Rp375.43 million per investment. There were a total of Rp7.79 trillion in subscriptions for the five-year term, with an average of Rp393.41 million made by each investment.

Period of Successful Offering

The Ministry of Finance (MoF) publicly started the offer time for SR019 on September 1, 2023. This done in the same way that the previous series, SR018 was issued. This sharia-compliant bond was sold in two parts, each with a term of three years and five years. The MoF’s Directorate General of Financing and Risk Management (DJPPR) was able to sell SR019 and raise a total of Rp25.33 trillion, with 62,083 buyers taking part in the 20-day offer period.

Types of Investors and What They Want

Looking at the SR019 sales statistics, it’s clear that most investors are private sector workers. They made up 33.36% of orders for the three-year tenor and 35.27% for the five-year tenor. When it comes to nominal subscriptions, private sector workers make up the majority. They make up 36.35% of payments for the three-year term and 36.23% for the five-year term.

Aside from that, most SR019 buyers bought shares between Rp5 million and Rp100 million. There was also a lot of interest in bigger orders, though, and a lot of requests were for orders worth more than Rp1 billion. It’s clear from these numbers that the buyers in the SR019 bond sale are very different.

Effects that are good for BCA and the Indonesian economy

The fact that BCA was able to sell SR019 and raise more than Rp6 trillion is good for both the bank and the Indonesian economy as a whole. The high demand for sharia-compliant retail bonds shows that buyers are optimistic about the country’s economic future and want safe and profitable ways to put their money to work.

That’s why investors love the three-year tenor so much: it could be because they want to make short-term investments that grow quickly. This fits with their goal of staying flexible and able to change to new situations, even though the market is always changing.

A lot of people from the business sector are involved, which shows that more and more people are realizing how good it is to spend in things that are in line with sharia law. Based on this pattern, it looks like Indonesian workers are learning more about the benefits of these financial products and are looking for ways to add them to their portfolios.

Overall, BCA’s sale of SR019 bonds was a success, which shows that more and more people want to buy assets that follow sharia law in Indonesia. The good things that done help not only the bank but also the growth of a strong and varied financial business in the whole country.